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Please Pass the Toffee Poofs

Page 6


Red lion lands on planet Uncy with a gentle pounce. Lance steps out in full
uniform, pulls off his helmet and finger combs his lushes locks. The small man staggers
out greatly shaken by the ride; Lance basks gloriously in the man's suffering. Still not
recovered he leads a grinning Lance at blaster point.
They met a nauseous Pidge and Hunk at the set spot. The man grabs greedily for
the ring from Hunks hands; his hand sticks to Hunk's. He pulls it away in disgust, but
forgets when he sees the ring.
He turns around to face the three of them and warily moves the blaster between
them. "Nobody better try any funny business."
"No sir." Hunk and Pidge reply in unison.
Lance looks at them in disbelief as the man hails a taxi ship and leaves.
"We are going after him right?"
"For that old thing, he can keep it." Lance's jaw drops.
"You mean, I went through all those welts, head rushes, AND had my leg hairs
plucked for THAT OLD THING!"
"We got it out of a Toffee Poof box."
Hunk moans, "After eating through three cases of them. 'Oy!"
Pidge and Hunk turn to go to their lions, Lance still stands there with a far off
glaze in his eyes, his head starts to twitch. As Hunk begins to leave an elderly man trots
up to him.
"(huff, huff) I've been trying (huff) to give you (huff) back your ring."
"You left your engagement ring at the Token counter. Thought you might want to
give it to your fiancée." The man motions towards Pidge, who sees a glittering object
and yells, "My ring!"
The geezer heartily slaps Hunk on the back, congratulates him on his 'catch', and
leaves a dazed Hunk.

The three of them step off the launch pad and are greeted by a cheerful Allura.
She merrily prances to Hunk and Pidge and gives each a peck on the check.
"How did the treaty go?" she carelessly brushes her fair locks from her face and
gazes at Hunk.
"Okay but--"
"Did you bring me something?" she bats her cute gem stone eyes.
"Well. Um . . . ah . . ." Lance sneaks behind Pidge and grabs the ring from his
"Why yes . . . This." He produces the stunning ring out of what looks like thin
"Oh! Lance!"
Keith enters the room munching on some Toffee Poofs; the ailing groans of Pidge
and Hunk are barely audible in the background of Allura's delightful chatter.
"Look at what the boys got me!" She turns to Keith and slips the ring on her
slender gorgeous finger.
Keith chokes on his Toffee Poofs. It was going to be a pain to top that ring.
"That's wonderful . . . Allura."
Lance peeps over at Pidge and Hunk and watches them squirm at the sight of the
Toffee Poof box.
"Boy, am I hungry! Mind passing the Toffee Poofs?"


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