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Please Pass the Toffee Poofs

Page 2


"Gosh Hunk! Who would believe Keith would give up a all expense paid
vacation to planet Uncy?"
"I don't know little buddy. But it was great how you refused to go unless I came."
"Lance didn't seem too persistent . . . "
"Well, time to do our luggage check." Pidge produces a list as Hunk sticks his
head into their enormous army green bag. They were at the last custom station before
reaching Uncy and were making sure everything was still there.
"Ten pairs of Hawaiian shirts?"
"Four swim trunks?"
" . . . Check."
"Five cubes of Mountain Dew?"
"Huh?" Hunk's head pops out of the bag, the usual look of confusion on his face.
"We're going into foreign land, we don't know if they sell Mountain Dew."
"Oh . . . Check."
To the south of them was a vast monitor called Info Seek, it was created to play
the news of all the allied planets to travelers who were at the custom station. As of lately
it mostly just played commercials.
As Hunk continued digging through their luggage Pidge becomes distracted by
the pretty colors on the wide screen. The commercial playing had a girl romping through
a sunny amber field. Her hair is a golden color just like the wheat and Pidge felt the pang
of jealousy in his chest. He watched on in spite, hoping the girl might trip into the
'lovely' wheat and spend weeks trying to get it out of her glossy locks. A wicked grin
creeps across Pidge's lips; Hunk is still face down in the bag searching for the zinc oxide.
The commercial ended abruptly, a conservatively dressed anchorwoman in a maroon
business suit appears on the screen. Pidge cringes at the horrible color usage of the
woman's make-up. It was not until the mention of the missing cursed ring of Tanaria and
its reward was Pidge able to peel his eyes from her miserable excuse for a hairstyle. By
now Hunk had finally found the sun protecting ointment and triumphantly holds it out to
Pidge with one hand and held the large army green bag in the other.
"Look I found it!"
"And so did I --"
"Just think if we found the missing ring of Tanaria, we could be rich! Then we
would be able to take all the vacations we want!" Pidge steps away from the once again
confused Hunk, rubs his hands over one another and starts mumbling to himself about
what he would do with his half of the reward money. Pidge is brought out of La-La Land
when a short well-dressed man bumps into him and drops his bag to the ground. It is also
a large dark army green bag. Hunk picks up the bag the man drops and tries to hand it to
him; Pidge, on the other hand, receives the blunt end of the gentleman's fierce remarks.
The man turns to Hunk, grabs a green bag, and strides off.
"What just crawled up his shorts?"
"I don't know. You okay little buddy?"
"Yeah, I just think that guy needed a cookie and a nap!"
The two head for their lions, it would be a twenty-minute trip before they reach
planet Uncy.


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