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Please Pass the Toffee Poofs

Page 3


"$%#* The boss isn't gonna like this!" Hawaiian shirts and swim trunks lay
scattered around the hotel room, some hung half off furniture others in shreds on the
floor. "How am I supposed to get that blasted ring back!" The man unbuttons his jacket,
calmly rubs his stubby hands through what's left of his hair, and savagely kicks the green
army bag into the nearest wall; it meets the wall with a muffled thud. The man picks up
the bag again and slowly turns it around. A plastic tag with Hunks name and address is
messily scribbled: If lost, send to Castle of Lions, planet Arus or call The man smiles to himself; under his breath he mutters
"Gotcha" and types in the address in his visual communicator. A cheerful young man in
his twenties instantly appears on the screen; the young man runs his hands behind his
brown hair and leans back in his chair.
"Hi this is Lance. How can I help you?"
"Cut the pleasantries, where's your friend Hunk?"
"Come again?"
"You heard me, where is he."
By now, Lance is sitting up straight and stares at the man suspiciously. "And who
are you?"
"Listen, I didn't call to chat it up with the likes of you. Now I'm warning you, you
have two solar clicks to tell me where Hunk is."
Lance looks at the man in disbelief. How could this shrimp talk to him like that?
Lance then spins around in his chair, jumps up, and crooks his head as if he was scared.
"Oh, excuse me. I did not know I was dealing with a person of such high standings. Will
you ever find it in your heart to forgive me? Here, let me make it up to you . . . I will
personally connect you to Hunk myself."
The man is uncomfortable in Lance's change of heart and shifts his weight
unsteadily. "That won't be necessary, I just want to know where he's--" The monitor
turns black and the message "line terminated" flashes across the screen.
"HE CUT ME OFF! I'm gonna KILL him! I'm going to FIND where that jerk
lives and I'm gonna WRING his neck!" The man darkly paced his room. "I need a

"I need a drink." Hunk flops his massive form on the wicker couch in the room he
and Pidge is sharing, it groans in protest. "Can you get me a Mountain Dew?"
"Sure, I need one after what just happened." Pidge, walks into the next room
where the army bag is kept. While shuffling around in the bag, Pidge yells back to Hunk.
"I can't believe it! Some vacation this turned out to be! We get suckered into some kind
of 'peace negotiation' and end up having to beat back 'Auntie Mirriom'."
"Look on the bright side little buddy, not everyone gets to call one of Allura's
relatives 'Auntie'."
"And not everybody gets pumped by them for information on Allura." There is a
silent pause followed by some intense scrounging through clothing, then the sound of the
bag being dumped out.
"Hunk, did you drink all the Mountain Dew already?"
"No. I only drank a couple."
"A couple of what? Cases?"
"Hey hey hey!" Hunk pops his head into the room. "Just because Auntie Mirriom
liked me better does not mean you should take it out on me--" A delicate 'ting' silenced
the two and they look to its producer with wide eyes. It was a ring of high craftsmanship;
a Belobian Emerald cut so a star glowed off it was nestled by Tanarian rubies interlaced
with white gold.
"Hunk do you know what this means! We're rich!"
"Hunk don't you understand? Let me put it in your terms, we can buy all the
Mountain Dew we want."
"Isn't that the cursed ring of Tanaria?"
"Curse, schmers, right now its reward money is the key to our happiness!"
"Besides, the curse is not real, it's not like it's going to affect us."

The door to his room slides open with a weak hiss. It was good to get off from
patrolling the airwaves and dealing with jerks, and that last jerk was no picnic. Lance
smiles to himself for a job well done. He could have done worse things, but that guy was
not worth getting worked up about. He reaches for the light switch as the door to his
room hisses back on its track. A short balding man is sitting on Lance's 'comfy chair'
with a laser aimed right at Lance's head.
"Hello Operator. Mind assisting me?"


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