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Please Pass the Toffee Poofs.

Page 1


Commander Keith muses with the pencil as he sits in the control room. It was an hour
before it would be Lances turn to monitor the airwaves.
"Gee, sure seems pretty boring around here." He picks up the pencil and starts to
trace the veins on his left hand.
"Bzzz . . . This is Koran . . .zzzt . . . I just got finished speaking with the Prime
Chancellor of the planet Uncy . . ."
"I take it back, I want the boredom." Keith bends over to pick up the pencil he
dropped, sighs, and answers Koran.
"This is Commander Keith speaking . . . how can I help you."
"Ah Yes, as you know the people of planet Uncy is hosting an important peace
treaty and they would like to have a Voltron member present -- preferable you."
Keith's head fills with the string of thoughts of their last 'peace conference' he
attended. His face sours at the thought of being inflicted with more of this torture.
"Isn't there someway for us to get of this? Tell them we all are busy-- better yet,
tell them we all got the flu!" Unaware to Keith, the pencil he was just holding now rolls
across the room.
"Keith this is not acceptable behavior. What could possibly be so bad as to make
you act this way?"
"You don't understand. The Prime Chancellor's wife is one of Allura's Aunts, she
would never stop pestering me about when Allura is going to marry!"
The main door to the control slides open and Lance steps in. Koran's face on the
screen looks pathetically at Keith.
"Believe me! I do understand. If none of the team goes then I have to go, and
you don't want to do that to an old man?"
"What's going on Keith?"
"Lance! Are we glad to see you."
"My Koran, I never had seen you perk up like that before."
Keith swivels around his chair to face Lance. "How would you like to visit planet
"Isn't that where Allura's psycho Aunt lives? You know the one who would never
give up on prying into Allra's personal life?"
Koran scrunches his eyes in dislike and huffed at Lance. It wasn't so much about
him calling Aunt Mirriom 'Psycho' that upset Koran, but the fact that he already knew
about her. Finally, the old man broke down.
"Oh please Lance! You're my only hope!" Koran starts to sob uncontrollably
while Keith whimpers at Lance.
Keith looks up with sad puppy dog eyes, "Friends help each other out--"
"No. REAL friends help each other plot."


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