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Please Pass the Toffee Poofs

Page 4


"I can't believe you Keith!" Allura turns her head away from the young captain;
the momentum of her movements causes the folds of her dress to rustle against her body.
"Shame on you for selling Hunk and Pidge on the idea of a vacation."
Keith lowers his head' "I'm sorry princess. I just don't know what got into me."
"Was Lance in on this?"
"He's the one who thought up the vacation idea and talked them into it."
"That boy. I swear, one day or another his mouth is going to get him in trouble."

All is silent.
Lance feels a gentle breeze blow across him-- he shivers. He can't move his arms
or legs. His mouth is dry and feels like it is full of sand. So this is what it is like to be
Lance's eyes instantly open. He looks at the welt on his bare right shin. Bare?!
Lance realizes he is down to his boxers; a short man grins and winds up the wet towel.
"Hey sleeping beauty. You gonna cooperate with me?"
Lance wiggles to try and get his hands and legs free, but the duct tape holds. He
looks up at the man in sheer horror; a muffled scream is all that comes from the old gym
sock lovely stuffed in his mouth.
SNAP. It hit his right shine again. Lance rolls around in pain.
"Let's play question and answer time, shall we?" "Now I ask the question and you
answer them. Let's begin." The man starts wringing the towel. "Where is Hunk?"
"Muph dupht knode."
"Oh, sorry about that." The man pulls the gym sock out of Lance's mouth and re-
wrings the towel. "Where is Hunk?"
"Who are you?"
"Tutu. Only I am supposed to ask the questions."
"Where is Hunk?"
Lance's face becomes an angry flush red. "I don't know."
"Wrong answer."

"ARRUG!" "I need one more token." Pidge turns away from the monitor. "You sure
you have no more calling tokens?"
"ARRUG! To think we are one messily token away from becoming
independently wealthy!"
"Why don't we call the Prince of Tanaria Collect?"
"Are you on helium?" "You just don't call the Prince of Tanaria COLLECT!"
Pidge looks around and realizes that everyone in shouting distance is staring at the them;
he awkwardly chuckles and lowers his voice. "Do we have enough to call Arus?"


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