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Welcome to Voltron's Dorm!
For awhile now, the creative team here has been busy toiling over perfecting our new interface along with finding new awesome Voltron websites to showcase on our link and shopping pages.

Yes.  The team has been doing more than just surfing the net and goofing off.

dave surprised  We have?
sparkle off to side  Well actually no, but we can't let our readers know.
sparkle nervous  Whoops!  Did I use my outside voice again?

Shall I continue?

sparkle smile  Yes.  If you please.

Ahem . . .
Through the magic of modern technology . . .

sparkle joyously cries  . . . and the help of our good friend Jack and Daniels . . .

(Why do I even bother) . . . the team here has been able to bring you the latest feature at the Dorm.  It is our pleasure to present Voltron: the Dorm Dimension!
To find out more about our latest feature follow Hunk to the Dorm Dimesion.  Hurry up!  Let's go!
To see the latest installment to the Voltron/She-ra cross-over, follow Glimmer.  You ready yet?
To see the comic instalment before this one, follow Pidge.  Do you remeber me?

Just a friendly reminder that the show Voltron™ and all characters featured in the show belongs to World Events Productions.  To visit World Events Productions Voltron™ web page go to


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