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After bartering and some hijinks from our head reporter, Judith, the Dorm has been able to bring you to the newest feature at Voltron's Dorm.

Truth of the matter be told, the Dorm has been under the tyrannical rule of the V force's publicists.  It is because of this that, until now, the VDteam were only allowed to draw the force.  . . . Some mumbo-jumbo about "respect the pilot's privacy " . . .  As if drawing them would slow us down!

Luckily, it was never written anywhere in the agreement between the V force's publicists and the VD team that we could not post pictures taken by the force. So with the help of our close friends Jack and Daniels, Judith has been able to create our loophole . . . so we hope.

All pictures were taken by Hunk and Pidge unless noted other wise.  Thanks guys!  While Dave, the Dorm's Head Sanitation Engineer has graciously offered to commentate on the images.

Judith Evil Laugh Judith  dave Dave


Follow Judith to see the force at play.  let's go.


As chance would have it, we were able to get some shots from when the evil-but-more-attractive Voltron force visited from the alternate universe.  . . . and we were able to capture all this on the same roll of film!

Follow Kyence to see the force as they meet their eviler-but-more-attractive-selves.  come with me.