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 V Force  






 Voltron's Dorm

   See how it all began in the original comic staring WEP characters of the 80's hit cartoon, Voltron.  Read  and find out about their hilarious antics of the force's daily lives.  You could say the comic picks up what the show edited out for the big guy.

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  If you would like to see more voltron related humor, don't forget to visit the= link page.


 Lady Lovely Locks, Defender of the Universe

What do you get when you have an evil witch who dabbles in the realm of 80's pop-culture?  Find out as the voltron force battle Hagar in the most bizarre adventure yet.  *Warning* contains cross-dressing v-members and a mangy dog costume.

Link to part one      Link to part two      Link to part three


 The Strands of Love

After many e-mails from desperate Keith and Allura fans, the Love Goddess; from Tenchi in Tokyo, pays a visit to the group on Arus--and finds herself  feeling déjvu.

Link to part one      Link to part two


 The Love Goddess Rides Again

Sequel to "The Strands of Love " the Love Goddess reprises her role as the Deity of romance when a certain voltron member leaves her a post about affections towards their commander.  It'll leave you reaching for Shakespeare in the end.

Link to part one      Link to part two


 Voltron's Pajama Rama

In our latest comic, the Voltron force is waken up in the wee hours in the morning so Pidge can show off his new super power suit.   It seems perfect at first except for one minor detail—it only comes in ice crystal pink.  Can certain members of the force deal with the suit's quark, or will they kill each other in the process?
This is also the first in the Voltron She-ra comic cross-over series being done by the staff here at Voltron's Dorm and another comic artist featured in The Etheria Chronicles. She-ra Glimmer

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 Telling Tales

Mean while in another 80's cartoon, Castaspella is working on a top seceret potion when she is distirbed by the ever curious Glimmer.  What will happen to Casty's spell?  And what does this have to do with Voltron?  Find out in the next part of the Voltron She-ra comic cross-over!

to second part of cross-over


 Strange Encounters

After being transported to another dimension, Keith and Lance find themselves face to face with a beautiful stranger.  Will she help them get back to planet Arus?  Will the guys stop bickering long enough to ask?  Find out in the third instalment of the Voltron She-ra comic cross-over!

to third part of cross-over


 Voltron: The Dorm Dimension

What do you get when you mix a fully loaded camera with two fully loaded photographers?  The newest comic section featured at Voltron's Dorm.  With a little coaxing and a couple of Mudslides we were able to talk Hunk and Pidge into getting us some inside, live, uncensored footage of the team.  Let's just say it doesn't get any realler than this!

Voltron's Dorm in 3D!


If you are interested in seeing Voltron at your comic store, visit the lovely people at Broken Glass Studios.


  Please Pass the Toffee Poofs

1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6

  Hunk and Pidge get doped into a bogus peace treaty and end up sipping cocktails with Allura's relatives and also with the missing cursed ring of Tanaria.  Meanwhile back at Arus, Lance is put through creative tortures by a disgruntle mobster for a toffee poof token prize.


Cooking with Hunk and Pidge

 Episode 1 with guest star Merla

What do you get with a warrior queen turned activist, a prankster, and two bumbling co-host?  The first episode!

  Episode 2 with guest star Sven

Sven finds out that being a guest star on a cooking show is not what it is all cracked up to be.  *Note: this is our special salute to Jim Henson and his muppets.*

  Episode 3 with guest star Haggar

Find out what happens when Hunk takes ill and Pidge must learn to put up with Hunk's replacement.  Warning there may be some in appropriate suggestions made by characters (y-13).

  Episode 4 with guest star ???

Hunk and Pidge go out of their way to book this extra special guest to appear in their fourth episode of their cooking series. See what happens to who and who gets their just . . . (muffins?)


To visit the site who our two cooking experts gave two spatculas up . . . click here!  Reyk


Just a friendly reminder that the show Voltron™ and all characters featured in the show belongs to World Events Productions.  To visit World Events Productions Voltron™ web page go to

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