Welcome to the Official He-man.org Board Comic

Welcome to The Official He-man.org Board Comic

On September 9th 2000, the first of the He-man.org saga was posted on the "Other Forums" with little more then a . When board members hit the secret link, they were transported to a mythical world where their on-line personas came to life.

The only requirement to join in the fun was to post a photo on the He-man.org board. From this, Evil Overlords and Mystical Women sprang to life to live in the domain that is known as Eternos. Here Board members play, Moderators policed, and Admins ruled!

Come join the fun and hit one of the links, you never know, you may even show up in the comic!


***Characters and events featured in The Official He-man.org Board Comic are entirely fictional and are not to be taken as any thing more then parody. It is not the intent of the web-mistress to hurt, defame, or ridicule any past or present member of He-man.org board.

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All work (including art, html, or fan-fictions) is fan created, please ask before you barrow anything from here. We won't mind. Also She-ra Princess of Power and He-man Master of the Universe are trademarked by Hallmark© This is a non-profit web site.