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Penciling for this comic began in August 2005 after attending Chicago Wizard World Comic Con. Over two year later, the first few pages are open to the public to view on September 9th 2007, the seventh year anniversary of the first comic. This final comic pays tribute to both the First Board Comic and the Second Board Comic by releasing the small story arcs and placing the setting again in Eternos. There are detailed backgrounds to give the reader a better idea of how Eternos is like, but the story stays the focus.

What makes this Board Comic so unique is there are more board members featured in this comic then the two previous comics combined. Most are addressed by name, some are not. Can you name them all?

***Characters and events featured in The Official He-man.org Board Comic are entirely fictional and are not to be taken as any thing more then parody. It is not the intent of the web-mistress to hurt, defame, or ridicule any past or present member of He-man.org board.

Links to the 2007 Board Comic

"Introduction" "A Day in the Life of JVS3" "Slumming in the Tar Swamp" "When Two Continuity Collide" "Feline Seasoning"

Coming Soon, Character Apperances Link

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