Welcome to the Official He-man.org Board Comic

Welcome to The Beginning of it All...


This epic comic was first posted September 9th 2000 in mini-comic form and continued until January 14th 2001. Small segments were released for viewing containing anywhere from four to seven pages each. This was done because each section was created only days before it was posted. This kept the comic fresh and ultimately adaptable to recent events and new members added to the board. Later to make it easier to read the mini-comics were combined into four regular issue comics complete with comic covers.

These comics parodies several geeky movie references such as "Army of Darkness", "Space Balls", and even "Clue". Can you guess them all?

***Characters and events featured in The Official He-man.org Board Comic are entirely fictional and are not to be taken as any thing more then parody. It is not the intent of the web-mistress to hurt, defame, or ridicule any past or present member of He-man.org board.

Links to the four different parts

"He-man.org The Board Comic!" "Enter Lord Skeletor" "Quest for the Devil Spork" "Would Anyone Care for Dessert or Fruit?"

Coming Soon, Character Apperances Link

All work (including art, html, or fan-fictions) is fan created, please ask before you barrow anything from here. We won't mind. Also She-ra Princess of Power and He-man Master of the Universe are trademarked by Hallmark© This is a non-profit web site.