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This comic first appeared on May 22nd 2002 and ran until June 25th 2002. It sprung off the wildly successful First Board Comic. Just like the first comic, sections of the comic were released in small segments of four to seven pages. However, unlike the first comic the pages were very detailed and background intensive. Ultimately this was the undoing of the comic. Each tiny section required much more time to create then the first one. Sketching of the comic began months before in December 2001. The long lag time limited the comic to past events and members. Some had even quit the board before the comic was released. The bulk of the comic was drawn during a few months of unemployment. When fulltime employment came in July 2002, the comic was abruptly ended.

The style was rendered very close to the popular manga artist Masamune Shirow. He worked on such classic mangas as Ghost in the Shell, Black Magic, and Appleseed. Other manags that lended elements to the comic were Oh My Goddess! and Akira. One positive aspect to this short lived comic was that it open up the idea of a city, Eternos, were usernames roam and interacted with one another. Founding member of the board even had city buildings named after them. How many can you pick out?

***Characters and events featured in The Official He-man.org Board Comic are entirely fictional and are not to be taken as any thing more then parody. It is not the intent of the web-mistress to hurt, defame, or ridicule any past or present member of He-man.org board.

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"Battle of the Mods!"

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