The Love Goddess Rides Again
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The Love Goddess

Rides Again

Part One




I'll get you, you ungrateful brat!



Then he said she said that her aunt said that Nanny used to be a party
    chick back in the day.

Eww!  No way.



blab, blab, gossip, blab.

You're sick!

Okay.  Here they come.  I'll get rid of Lance while you go after Keith.

You better, the last thing I need is to have another bizarre love
triangle.  Hey that could be a song title! . . . Nah.

giggle, giggle




Hi Keith!  (giggle)

Ahhh!  Allura, you surprised me.

Ha, hee, hee, snicker.  I think old age is getting to you, I saw her a mile off.

Oh.  Hello Lance.

Hello Allura.

Nice day isn't.


Kind of day that makes you want to go take a walk.

Keith you up for it?



He's kind of busy.

. . . With what?  We have the day off.

Don't you have to write in your journal.

What are you up to?

I just asked a simple question.

When was the last time you wrote in your journal?

Oh!  So you take her side!

I'm not taking anybody side!





Goodness!  What was that!



Let Lance take you back to the next page, You ready yet?
Keith take you back to the previous page, Let's go!
or let Allura take you back to the comic page. Hello!