The Love Goddess Rides Again
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The Love Goddess

Rides Again

Part One



I think that blur was Pidge . . .

What she has not gotten rid of him yet!  She better not make me late for the majion championships.  Well, the two are together, that's close enough.




If that's Pidge, than that means there should be one torked off nanny near by.






Hey, where did that banzi---AKKKKKK!!!!!



Clumsy oaf!  Watch where your going!

What says ye fair maiden, clumsy am I.  Only from cause of your sweet presence on my knees.


Oh my, this does not look good . . . Will this spoil Allura's practical joke,
will Lance propse to the aged nanny, or will he get clocked in the process.
Tune in next time to see how it ends.



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