The Love Goddess Rides Again
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The Love Goddess

Rides Again

Part One



One day, as our she-ro was contently spending late night hours surfing the net for interesting love fiction of her and her commander, she stumbled across the Love Goddess's web page.  (something about typing always does that.)



Welcome to the Love Goddess's Site of Love

If you can't catch them . . .

I'll zap them!



A wicked grin spreads across her face as she thinks of the mischief that can be had, and gaily (happy as in merry, not that!) types a plea to the famed goddess of Love.


Meanwhile, on a planet far, far away.




Yawn!  You think after several centuries of this, I would be used to mornings.  Oh well, I better see what the mortals left me on the message board of love.


   Keith wanna-be: When will you hook up Keith and Allura!

   Magenta Lion:  Yeah, like there is these two people I really think you should get
   them together.  One a commander the other a lone princess . . .

    Lady Emerald:  When are you going to hook up Lotor and Allura?

    Don't they ever give up!

True Blue: Hi, if you are a goddess you would probably know who I am, so I'll get down to business.  I am madly deeply in Love with this guy and I know he likes me too, I need you help and to break the ice.
--Allura . . . Wait was I not suppose to sign this?






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