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Lady Lovely Locks, Defender of the Universe

Part 2


keith thinking

Ah . . . Keith.


I'm very vorried about de princess . . . She has not been acting like herself.  It is as if she's—

Two bolts short of a doom bot.



Sven and Keith: Huh?

She's gone completely bonkers—I was minding my own business this morning and she walked up to me and called me some girlie name . . . something like . . .  Lady Fair something—

(snicker, snicker)


my hair.

Then to rub salt in, she said my hair looked horrible!  Can you believe she said MY hair looked horrible!  She even suggested I put a mouse in it—like it would do some improvement!  I know we were sent here to bring back Voltron, but rodentous hair clips were not in my contract!

(snicker, snicker)


with your hair . . .

You think it's funny don't you.  Go ahead laugh at poor Lance.  We'll see how much sympathy you'll get from me when she comes after you.  With your hair the mouse would probably nest!

(KRAT-BOOM)  What did you say about my hair!

Ha ha ha!

There you are.


there you are


Hide me!




I have been looking everywhere for you!  And how have we been my prince?


awe shucks . . . huh? . . . ha ha ha!

Awe shucks Princess.


Dig up any good bones lately?




Have you had your royal flea-bath?




ha ha hah aah . . .

My, Lady Fairhair you have seemed to have lost your pixiy-tail.

hee hee royal flea-bath, that's rich!

Don't worry you can have another one of mines.





She did it again.







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