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Lady Lovely Locks, Defender of the Universe


Haggar: My king I have good news to bring.

Zarkon: What now old witch!

I have just finished my latest plans to conquer Arus.

Well don't keep me waiting.

Patience Sire . . . I have just enchanted princess Allura into thinking she is a character from another 80's  cartoon show, rendering her a complete air head.

You mean she wasn't one before?

Lotor: Does this means she'll marry me?

Not even one of my spells can do that.


Meanwhile . . .


Allura: Boy!  I slept wonderful last night, I feel like a new person.  I better go get ready for the big conference with Galaxy Garrison.



There has got to be something wrong with this mirror . . .
I don't remember it sparkling before?


Oh no!  What will I do with my hair!?  I can't go to the space conference looking like this!  It's not flounchy enough!

I know, I'll put a pixie-tail in it!


Cheezer: ZZZ . . .


There you are!  In my hair you go.



Perfect!  Now to go say good morning to all my subjects.

Walking down the hallway


Sven: Guten Morgan . . . Princess?

Don't forget the conference later on.


Sven (to self): Vas dat de Princess vit mice in herr hair?


Pidge: Done primping for the princess yet?

Lance: I'm not primping!

Hunk: Sure your not.

Good morning Lady Curly Tress, have you seen Lady Fairhair?


I think she's talking to you big guy.



Door Opens

(sarcastically) Are you done primping for the -- Hello Princess!

Morning Lady Fairhair!

Um . . . Come again.

Oh my!  What have you been doing (or lack there of) to your hair!

Ummm . . .

Pidge and Hunk: hee, hee, ha, ha . . .

Don't worry!  I'll fix-it, hold still.  There you go all better.  Now you all better be dressed and ready for the big ball.

You mean the conference?

You know I'm always confusing dates up, Lady Curly Tress.

Allura turns to Pidge

Ahhh!  A tangle!


I wonder why she ran away?

Maybe because of your split ends.


Cheezer: Squeak.




AHHHHHHHH!  Get it out! Get it out!  Get it out!



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