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Lady Lovely Locks, Defender of the Universe

Part 3


In the last couple of episodes of Voltron's Dorm, the team notices Princess Allura's strange behavior, while Lance gets a new look!


Keith and Sven talking with one another

Your right Sven, there is something wrong with the Princess.  But how do we get her back?

Get out!

I'm not sure Keidth, but I guess ve should play along.



Later . . .

Come on out Hunk.


It can't be that bad.

It's worst.

Voltron in Drag

Oh no you don't! If I have to be miserable, I'm taking you with me 'Lady Curly Tress'!


Don't you two make a lovely pair. (hee hee hee)


Keith and Sven to the side

Tell me those are not the specialty trained team that I'm supposed to command.


I'm afraid so Keidth.
Speeking of vhich . . .


is that Pokey little Puppy?

you need your costume on.

Aru-muph . . . Muph kanph breph!

Hold on Keidth, vhile I geet your heed on straight.


Earlier . . .

A happy Nanny

Oh Princess, I'm sooo glad you have grown out of your Tom-boy stage.  And I was worried the boys would have a negative effect on you.  Perhaps the presents of the young men made you want to act more feminine.  Well, it is about time, now we'll be able to make you a princess your father would be proud of.  And most importantly . . .





Oh my goodness.  Where am I?  Why am I in my night gown?  I hope none of the boys have seen me like this.  I should get dressed and ready for when Marshal Graham comes.  Nanny, why are you just standing there?

I can't believe my baby have finally blossomed. 

I'm not going to even ask.


Later . . .


Allura meets Marshal Graham

I'm so glad you can come and visit us here on Planet Arus.  I am Princess Allura and this my chancellor, Coran.

Graham: It is very nice to meet you, but where is the rest of the Voltron force?  This visit was for the whole force.

Oh you know how boys can be, just off doing there thing.

Coran: I think I saw Pidge going to the rec-room, so they probably still there.

Let's go visit the lads, I have been known to be a little mischievous back in the day.


the grand fanally



Hold still, I haven't fluffed you guy's hair enough.

Hold it, I almost got it.

Helph!  Your misphing muph head!


The End.
For now.



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