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Hello I am Dave, the golden child of the VD team.  
 No you're not.  You're our Janitor.
Pay not attention to the twinki in pink.  
. . . Now where was I?  
 Ah yes, that part where I get down to commentating . . .

. . . you know I'm a Swiss Roll at least . . .


 Here we see the big guy commenting oh what he thinks about the latest big robot movies . . .


 In the next following pictures, we see how the force is doing with their new gear.


 Come on!  Stop being a wuss!  So what if it is the size of your body!


(clap, clap, clap)  Ain't I a stinker.  



*  This image was taken by our clever reporter Judith, but if the publicists ask, it was Allura.


Follow Kyence to the shots with the eviler-but-more-attractive V force,   Oh boy!
or follow Dave back to Voltron: the Dorm Dimension.   this way.