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Hello, My name is Dave and I am the supreme ruler of this site!  
 Yes!  And he rules with a steel pad!
How did you get here?  
 Through the door.
Don't you have some spying to do?  
Are you absolutly sure?  
Then why don't you find something?  
 As you command, oh Mighty Waxer of Floors!
Okay now.  
 Destroyer of Mildew!
That's enough.  
 Conqurer of the Comode!
Alright already!  


Where can a guy go for some respect around here?  
 Speaking of respect!  Let's see how the Vforce does when meeting their evil-but-more-attractive-counter-parts.

 Oh look!  I think Allura has found a new friend . . . or arch-rival.


 Are you still playing with that gun?


 Oh that was soo good . . .
 I wonder how the girls are getting along?


 Oooh!  I bet that hurt.
 Gee, what could the evil-but-MORE-attractive Voltron looks like?


 I guess that answers that.


Follow Judith to the shots with the V force horsing around,   Oh boy!
Follow Kyence to more shots of the evil-but-more-attaractive Vforce,   this way little ones!
or follow Dave back to Voltron: the Dorm Dimension.   this way.