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Careful Casty' just a little pinch is required. If I add too much then you can to kiss your lab good bye.

Good thing I live in Mysticor, the floating castle in the sky. If that doesn't keep pesky interlopers out, I don't know what will. Never mind the many traps and puzzles I also set up to keep those dang Avon ladies out.

Let's see, I need a little Salvia Sclarea to condition the potion... absolute concentration is needed!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No! Not you, anyone but you! Why now!!!!!

Excuse me Miss Castaspella. I just wanted to ask you a question.

First you must tell me how you were able to dodge my ingeniously intricate traps and solve all 25 mind numbing puzzles so quickly! 

I just flew in your top floor lab window.

Is some thing wrong Miss Castaspella? You look upset.

(to self) ....She's a genius I tell them. But no one believes me when I say that. She has to be.... No one is born that stupid.

As you can see Glimmer, I'm in the middle of a very delicate spell. One wrong move and the results could be disastrous.  


Let Castaspella take you to the next page,

or let Glimmer take you back to the comic page.