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So is it some wondrous spell the rebellion can use in the never-ending fight against the evil forces of the Hordak and his armies of destruction?

No, actually its a recipe for the perfect bowl of Miso soup.

(to self) I hate to have to lie to her, but I can't tell her the potion is
actually her surprise Birthday gift from me. 



(Aloud) Oh, the agonizing struggle I've endured all for the quest for the perfect Bowl of Miso Soup! No one understands the inner demons I wrestle with!

The Tufo must be soft but firm,
the broth robust and full of body,
the green onions hot, but still crisp, and
seasoned with just the right amount of salt.



Have you tasted it?

Have I tasted it?...errrr... You mean you want me to actually sip it?
........ Like right now?


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