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Hello friend, we are so glad that you have come to visit.  Welcome to our seceret page.  This page was created to give a list of simlies for VD's special friends.  No one else knows of this page, and the team would like to keep it that way.  The smilies with your name beside are yours to keep, feel free to use them as you like.  Don't be afraid to use these as templates to create yourself new smilies as well.
To take your smile simply right click on them and save them to the desktop.  Enjoy!

The Hunkateers

 Caroline smile

Kitty Caro

Lynn smile

Kitty Lynn

 Shannon smile

Kitty Shannon


The Voltron Board

Moe smile


Dusty smile



For other cool smilies visit this site.

Our head designer, Sparkle Pop, will take you back to the main page.   Hey!  Watch the nose!

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