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glimmer scuffs at the boys

Humph.  I don't care for either of you two's company.  I wish I could trade you back for what's-her-face!


guys continue talking

Do you think she might have a clue where we are?

Just a moment Miss!

Great you scared her away.

I scared her away!


Keith looks at Lance


Lance talks to Keith

You must be mistaken.  You see Keith, I tend to have the opposite effect on women.  They tend to flock to me.  It is something I don't expect you to understand.

Just to show how much of a pal I am, I will charm the little vixen and find us a way back to Arus.

If you are lucky, she might have a friend who I can introduce you to.


continue talking


Lance shouts back to Keith



Let Keith take you back to the previous page, let's go.
or let Allura take you back to the comic page. Hello!