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The Love Goddess

Rides Again

Part Two


Pidge and Hunk gwaking Have you noticed anything different with Lance?

What do you mean little Buddy?

I don't know for sure, it has just been he has been acting weird lately.  It is like he is no longer his old self.

Could it be that he is exhibiting signs of being twiter-pated?

Twiter-pated?  What's that?


Lance sighing at some picture frame.





Pidge and Hunk look disgusted

Don't you remeber when we watched Bambi last . . .

Ewww!  Sick!

What?  It was not that bad of a show.

He's looking at a picture of Nanny!

What?!  Gross!


Pidge talking to Hunk



Do you think he might be trying to play a joke on us?  To get us back for the lion-jet-ski incident?


Lance facinated by picture of nanny





Pidge and Hunk looking very disgusted again


Bleach.   Bleach.

Can't be, he knows that we would blabber to Keith about it and you know how much of a gossip he is.  I don't think Lance, in his right mind, would ever pull a stunt like that.


Lance looking giddy and leaving

Hey!  Look.  It looks like he is getting up and leaving!  Wait, I think he's  mumbling something, but I can't quite figure it out . . . I think it's Shakespeare!

I am your spaniel; and, Nanny,
The more you beat me, I will fawn on you.
Use me but as your spaniel: spurn me, strike me,
Neglect me, lose me: only give me leave,
Unworthy as I am, to follow you . . .

NOW WE KNOW HE'S NOT PLAYING!!!!!  To the old Lance, speaking Shakespearean was like speaking in tonges!



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