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The Strands of Love









giggle    giggle, snicker   snicker


What are you snickering at?
Um, nothing . . .
giggle  snicker

Don't just sit there, make a move sonny before I die of old age!


You heard me, even us immortals have lives.  (cackle)

Who are you?


Love goddess form Tenchi.

I'm the Love Goddess!  I was sent here by the desperate prayers of Voltron fans all over the galaxy wishing you two the eternal happiness of everlasting love.
(Didn't think your lives where that much on display, did you?)


For those who do not know  what I'm talking about, the Love Goddess is a character that appeared in one of the episodes of Tenchi in Tokyo videos done by Pioneer.  If you like to see more of her watch the first video of Tenchi in Tokyo.  Now back to the story . . .

Time's a wasting, I've got several other request to fix up a Moulder and Scully too.


tree of love(poof)


The tree of Love, here will be where the the two of you will be united.









With this string of Fate tied between the two of you, you will become destined to be together forever.


string falls off Allura.

What?  The string will not stay tied.
There seems to be several other strings attached to Allura's finger.



Let Lance take you back to the next page You ready yet?
or let Allura take you back to the comic page. Hello!