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Voltron's Dorm Comic


Allura : Ha, ha, ha, got you now Keith.

Keith : Not as long as I have this can of chezzy whip.

Pidge : @#*$ I just cleaned!

Lance : Hey? Did anyone order a pizza?

Hunk : Pizza!??
I'll take it!


Haggar (in disguise) : That will be (cackle) $12.95.


My. Pizza prices have gone up.

(not so fast . . .)

Look Flyboy—I mean . . . They certainly have.

Hey that smells good! Hurry up Lance, I'm starved.

What's this, "you're starved" ?


Funny? Was that maniacal laughter I heard?

Lotor : *tee hee*

It was probably your imagination.


Hey Lance, before the next Voltron re-make, please.

Wait! I'm the one paying for it!

Don't get your panties in a knot.

I don't wear panties . . .


You Ham Hock! You ate all the pizza Hunk!


No you're not . . . what is that ticking sound?






Good form. The burp could have been delivered better.



Let Allura take you back to the comic page. Hello!