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Flower Child's Comic Art Nook





Considered intellect-enhanced, is actually seconded by the genius of Hunk.  True, Pidge does heckle Hunk, but he really idolizes him.  When Pidge is not busy manipulating Keith with Hunk, he enjoys his fairly flaming life style.  Certain questions where raised during his quite fashionable appearance in the Go-lion series, but were latter put to rest.  Despite his playful prance on the line between his orientation, Pidge posses' unarguable amounts of fashion taste, displayed by his designer clothing line.  Some of his biggest pet peeves include his fashion sense-less team members, and not issuing the new uniforms in 'ice crystal pink'.





Keith: He's an autumn; cranberry will defiantly compliment his dark eyes.  Forest green, if he is wearing his color contacts.


Allura: That silly girl, I'm constantly chasing her around the castle with my mayonnaise hair treatment, it would do a universe of good for her limp hair.


Hunk: Very smart, but the knucklehead would look smatter in a v-neck pullover.


Lance: He's a tasteless oaf.



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