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Flower Child's Comic Art Nook





               Charming as he looks, Lance does not stride toward his destiny; he stumbles.  Only with grace, humor, and long hours in the editing room, transforms the bumbling youth into the dashing pilot of red lion.  Periodically the loner, Lance's actions are often viewed as brash simply because they do not follow what is considered correct.  Then again, how can one conform to others when they live a charmed existence?  On occasion, his decision to go against the norm has gotten him into trouble, but all in all, his non-conformity breathes life into the team (and script) that allows them to view situations from different perspectives, like from the lion's cockpit as apposed from castle control.



Hunk: My kind of guy.  During fights I don't have a chance in winning, he's great to hide behind.


Keith: What a stuffed shirt.  Since Sven left, I can never get rid of the loser . . . always following me around, telling me what to do.  Only good thing about him is he makes me look good.


Allura: You gotta love that gal, anyone who can stand Keith is okay in my book.


Pidge: I love teasing him!  He always takes my fashion jokes so seriously.



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