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Flower Child's Comic Art Nook





               As the popular captain of the Voltron force, Keith doesn't let all the hype from his fans get to their head . . . his head.  With always-perfect camera shots, the dark eyed hero wins duels, settle numerous peace treaties, and a couple of dames on the side.  Occasionally the show would focus on some huge robot, but it was mostly about him.  The only reason the show was not called Go-Keith, was because other cast members threatened to walkout.  While being the commander of Voltron is a time consuming practice, Keith enjoys several other activities: walking on water, changing water into milk (never into wine, that would promote alcohol consumption), and cavorting with Allura.  Ever humble and modest, he never displays cocky behavior; egos show signs of weakness, and everyone knows, Keith's the embodiment of perfection (or so his fans say).


Allura: What can I say; she is almost as perfect as me.


Lance: Yeah, we are friends, but mostly because Allura is too busy doing princess stuff.  He's an oaf, but he makes me look good.


Pidge: He acts a little weird . . . reminds me of Elton John.


Hunk: Great mechanic, not too brilliant of an inventor; everything he builds blows up in my face.



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