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Flower Child's Comic Art Nook





               Mostly thought of the gentle giant, Hunk spends most of his time enjoying his favorite leisure pursuits . . . eating; but behind those crinkled Twinkie wrappers is a different Hunk.  Horatio, what Hunk prefers to be called when not in the presence of his friends, is actually quite brilliant; he merely downplays his intelligence so he can better manipulate his 'friends'.  Little known to the rest of the team, Pidge is also in on Hunk's game; when the two are left alone together they are often in counsel as oppose to the 'usual hi-jinx'.  Some of Hunk's most cherished pastimes are pin-the-blame-on-Lance, Twister-the-truth, and sim-universe.




Keith: What a dink.  He thinks he can command Voltron, because he can walk on water.


Allura: Charming girl . . . a little flaky at times, but amusing nonetheless.


Pidge: Great guy, now only if he wasn't so flaming . . .


Lance: He's a bumbling oaf.




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