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Flower Child's Comic Art Nook





               Spending most of her time with the 'boys', Allura has always seemed to remain sugary sweet.  The mystic around her had been well guarded, and inconsistency with character has also help in shrouding it.  Dominating the control room, in one of her rare flash out moments, then immediately becoming the docile prissy princess afterwards; proves her to be either a true rebel grrl or a real frosted flake.  Either way, it may seem hard to condemn her; it is quite obvious that Allura's true leadership ability is being repressed by Keith's perfection. 




Keith: I don't know about him, one moment I feel like we're great; the next, I want to shove him off a steep cliff.  Guy's you never know what to do with them.


Hunk: He's sweet, not too bright, but his heart makes-up with it.


Pidge: I swear!  If that runt tries to give me another fashion tip, I'll hide his spray gel!


Lance: I'm not saying that he's clumsy . . . He's just . . . well . . . special, especialy around girls.



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