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 So that is how new dance crazes are started!
I wonder if Lance is still trying to pick up that gun?  


That's my boy!  
 So what does the guys of the Vforce think of Allura's double?




 And there you have it!  Complete and uncensored.
 We would have more pictuers to show you, but it seems the film was spoiled by both of the photographers' drool.
 So you'll have to wait for another Vforce member to get drunk for more pictures.
 In the mean time, if you would like to do your part for the Dorm, send your liquor to my place and I will deliver it to the force, personally.
 Oh.  And don't send any of that cheap stuff!
 Bye now!


Follow Judith to the shots with the V force horsing around,   Oh boy!
Follow Kyence back to past shots of the evil-but-more-attaractive Vforce,   this way little ones!
or follow Dave back to Voltron: the Dorm Dimension.   this way.