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The Main-land Map of Etheria



Hello, my name is Strider. let me show you a around Etheria.
I was asked to show "our foreign travel companions" around here by an acquaintance you may 
already know. Some things have changed from last you were here, but not to worry I'll be here to help guide you. Who am I? Well I'm merely the map maker, I was born and bred here, and your source for information. I was here when the Rebellion was nothing more than a small party. I also witness the
inauguration of Force Captain Adora to the now Rebel Leader. I was there when She-ra appeared, and Hordak fell for the last time. As you can see much has happen in a lifetime. But lets not spend our
time on the past, instead let our journey begin.

Which path would you like to take?

To look at the map and plan our journey, or begin the journey around Etheria?

Map Link

The Fire Swamp

The Crimson Wastes