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The Journey continues

We met up with our friends in Etheria three years after Hordak was defeated by She-ra and her friends in the rebellion. Although peaceful, the rebel forces, under the leadership of Bow and Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon, are still active to ensure peace on Etheria and planet Bright Moon. Hordak and many of his cronies were exiled to the barren planet of Bizzeren for the rest of their natural (or for some un-natural) lives, there they will live out their sentences for the crimes the have committed. However, Shadow Weaver, Hordak's powerful sorceress escaped before the Sorceress could contain her. All attempts to locate her have failed. The unified rule of Horde Prime was dissolved after a the humiliating defeat by the rebels. And quarrels over a new leader has divided the Horde into smaller factions. To the two planets, all seemed peaceful in the universe. That is, until Shadow Weaver returned.

With a power alien to the twin planets of Eternia and Etheria, Shadow Weaver has managed to capture the Sorceress and now holds her imprisoned in the revamped Fright Zone. But in attempt to help the rebel forces against Shadow Weaver and her new ally, the Sorceress created one final portal to a far off galaxy. Now it is up to She-ra and her friends to discover the new source to Shadow Weavers power and destroy it before Shadow Weaver destroys them.

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"Imprimis" In the first comic we meet a young Earth girl named Judith. She was summoned to Etheria by the Sorceress, but for what reason is not explained. Join her as she journey's around this alien world, until she can figure out what's going on. The comic also explains what has happen in the three years after the insurrection with the Horde.

"Shadow Weaver's Defiance" Judith finds herself joined up with the rebels, in hopes of helping out her new friends. It is at this time Judith reaches back in to her childhood, to rediscover her connection with them. We also see that, Judith is not the only Earthling brought to Etheria. But unlike Judith he was brought here to help Shadow Weaver out. Along with this we see what Shadow Weaver has up her sleeve with all these new powers she has acquired.

"She's Got My MoJo!" The game is set as the gang gets split up by one of Shadow Weaver's "Sand Traps". Each character dropped into a different part of Etheria not knowing where the other is. Follow along as the group tries to overcome their obstacles. Simple right? To bad Shadow Weaver stole away She-ra's Power sword and poor Castaspella's magic. This is were it becomes interesting... but I'll let you read it to see what happens next.

"The Girl Who Knew Too Little." We've seen what's happen to She-ra, Castaspella, Glimmer, and Bow, however where is the Sorceress and Judith? See what unfolds with them. Along with this, Peter, the other earthling sent here to aid Shadow Weaver, discovers he is not the only Earthling there on Etheria. All this in the next issue of Etheria's Chronicles.

"Breaking Point"  A chance encounter... A mystic sword lost... It's powers tapped... A secret revealed... A life renewed. All coming January 2001.