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Character Bios

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So you still want to know more about the character's? As you will soon see, they're not as you remember them to be. But don't let that stop you from reading on. I think these updated character profiles will build on the old series and help enrich them to make them seem more realistic... In other words I think rather than have a perfect person with perfect friends fight incompetent villains, they to should have some down falls. Just trust me on this and read on. (They're not all but, a start.)


She-ra in action

The sworn protector of the secrets of Greyskull and the Crystal Castle, she is the honor led paladin of Etheria. Foretold of long ago, the prophecy was not fulfilled until hope was almost faded. She is a mysterious lass with a mission to help the rebellion against the evil forces of Hordak. Her true identity is kept secret by here close friends Spirit (Swift Wind), Lighthope, Madame Razz, and Kaowl. Not always sure of her ability, she is always ready to help a friend (or enemy) in need even if it risks herself. It was with her introduction to the rebellion that a changed appeared, hope was derived. Her abilities include: amazing strength, intelligence, fortitude, animalism, dexterity, high stamina, healing properties, telepathy, and weapons melee. Her Sword  of Protection is the instrument into which she transforms Spirit and herself into their alter-ego Swift Wind and She-ra. It also should be noted that her sword can be transformed into other objects by her command such as, rope, shield, net, ect.



The true identity of She-ra, she is princess of the Crystal Castle and chosen guardian of the second Sword of Protection from Greyskull. She was kidnapped from her mother's cradle as an infant and raised by their mortal enemy Hordak in the Fright Zone. She was brainwashed for years by Shadow Weaver and became one of Hordak's favored officer in the Horde. But even in the Horde she was still a lifesaver, meaning life is a sacred gift and so will not take one. Fighting the rebellion she was not rescued from this nightmare until her twin brother, prince Adam, from Eternia teamed up with the rebellion to find his lost sister (Adora.) Now freed she embraced the rebel cause and was one of it's key leaders in leading the rebel forces against Hordak and Horde Prime. She is calm, cool, and collected it is with her level head she is able to lead and guide her friends thru troubled times.



Co-leader of the Rebel forces before the entrance of Adora, she is the binding character that keeps her friends together. She is Princess of Bright Moon but usually not found there instead she stays at the rebel camp. One of the more quieter character of the show, she is thought as shy. With this royal upbringing and aurora, one would think she would be more regal, but instead we see her as sweet, adorable, and unbelievably naive. However her child-like vigor, gives her the ability to see things though rose-colored glasses. At first it would appear she is the group's handicap, but as situations reveal it is with this unsophisticated, undaunted nature that makes it so comical that she accomplishes impressive feats by fluke. She just born darn (G rating) lucky! Her abilities include: mastery of light (photonic bursts of light, thunder waves, and with a little time the ability to become an essence of light), short distance teleportation (to visual distances), telepathy, simple healing properties, abilities to read simple aurora, and slight danger sense. Her staff allows her to increase her energy pool by 1 1/2 her current pool allowing her to carry on multiple tasks. Her power is derived from the Moonstone held at her mother's palace in Bright Moon.



Co-leader of the Rebel army, he was always referred to as the token guy. Although he is always seen as a shallow character, he never really had the chance to shine. He maybe quick tempter and slightly arrogant, but come on girls he is the most sensitive and considerate guy you ever could meet. The history behind him is unknown. Where he came from, who his parents are, why he took up the cause is never explained? All we know to this true hero is that he was played down with the entrance of She-ra. He is loyal, thoughtful, and compassionate person, he has been noted as fiery, and acting before thinking, but what truly goes on in his head may never be revealed. His ability include: mastery of archery, simple understanding in petty magic, slight of hand, firm understanding in chemistry and aerodynamics (did you think his arrows grew on tree?), agility, and acrobatics. His weapon of choice is his bow and arrows.




Queen of Mysticor, she is a sorceress in her own respect. Not official part of the rebellion, she is considered an ally. She was a prisoner of Mysticor when an evil sorceress, by the name of Mortella, bewitched her to appeared like an old vagabond. Rescued by Bow and Adora, she transformed into her true self and befriended them. Humiliated, Castaspella swore she would never be manipulated again by another. Perhaps that is what caused her to train herself rigorously until she became a force not to be taken lightly. She is credited with the creation of the Forbidden Zone in which all evil was banished to. At first she seems motherly, always looking after her friends and giving sound advice, but do not let this fool you. They are merely fronts to her true self. Her philosophy to life is "what is the use of having great power if you can't flaunt it." Her outgoing personality, and scheming ways could never out weigh her oversized ego. But then again, being the only competent sorceress on Etheria after Shadow Weaver dissappeared could have possible explain it. Her abilities are too vast and varied to name here. Although I should mention, she is very proficient with her craft. In fact no one has rivaled her on Etheria since Shadow Weaver.


Queen of the Ice Palace in the artic region, she is a wise leader, with her people's well-being at heart. She will do whatever is needed to lead harm away from her kingdom. Also not officially part of the rebellion she is an ally . She is not as talkative as some of the other character, but when she does speak people do tend to listen. Little is know to her at present, but she is one character to watch. Her abilities include: The mastery of ice, and snow, artic blast, stare of freeze, and ability to summon blizzards at will. Also note her high presents, leadership, and charisma.


A watcher, that is the best way to describe her. She is not actively part of the rebellion for fear of the horde, but she will help the rebels to the best of her abilities. With her peacock feathers she can see other places and times. Little more is know to her at this time.

Queen Angella

As Queen of Bright Moon, she is very regal. She is a just ruler, and will always stand for her people. Even if it keeps her from finding her life-mate. She is a good friend and ally to the rebels though she can not always personally be there to help them. Her daughter Princess Glimmer, and herself collect their light energy from the Moonstone on Bright Moon. She was befriended by She-ra when she was rescued from 'Hunger' the Harpy Queen. But before and after that we learn very little to her. Her abilities include: mastery of light, intelligence, leadership, high presents, bureaucracy, empathy, perception, and charisma. Her wings allow her to fly.

Shadow Weaver

She was Hordak's sorceress, and associated with the horde. She was seen by Hordak as loyal, but was basically deceitful to him and would double-cross him at any time possible. Originally the beautiful Light Spinner, a friend of Castaspella who study under Norwyn, she was seduced to the darker magic by Hordak. She was given the Power-gem when she revealed the whereabouts of the council of kings, but the power transfer was never completed. In the process of the transformation, the new power disfigured her horribly. She then only served Hordak for fear of losing both her powers and her looks. She served him disloyally for much time until she stole Orko's shadow and his powers. With the help of Man-at-arms, Orko stole back his shadow and along with it stole her shadow too. It was at that point that Shadow Weaver disappeared from Etheria, that and the fact that the Horde was crumbling around her, and did not returned until the present. Her abilities to are too vast and varied to list here. But it is one to note that it is whispered she is now playing with necromancy and brought with her a foreign power alien to Etheria.


She is the main Squad Captain to the reformed Horde. Unlike previously believed she a good leader, when her agenda does not get in the way. She is more logically minded than before, and knows her abilities. See realized her temper does her no good against her mortal enemy She-ra, and so keeps it minimal. Instead she is now more reliant on mind games. Under the reformed Horde, she has been rigorously trained and outfitted to aid her advantages. To the point that one may not recognize her, if not for her cat mask she still wears. Little is known to her past. She is normally found with a small battalion of Horde Trooper or alone. One may guess that her comrades do not like her radical change, and so unofficially renounced her. That's fine with her since she has developed an intolerance to incompetence. But then again when have this group ever truly been tight knit. Her abilities include: strength, agility, firearms, weapon melee, high stealth, dexterity, abnormally high stamina, survival, brawl, subterfuge, and intimidation. Her cat mask, stolen from the Cat-people, allows her to change into a panther and her body suit is what makes her strength, and agility equal to She-ra. 


Cunning, agile, and insightful was never used in the same sentence as Gizzlor's name before. And still can't be used now either. But it sounded great. Since his capture Lt. Gizzlor has been acquiring something... culture. Although not as suave as Bow, he is not with out a little taste. The now dashing scoundrel, he actually sometimes has a decent thought of his own! If Hordak were to return to his army of buffoons now he would not recognize them at all. Along with his new looks comes a new personality. Always looked on as a monster, he now has the chance to enter a room and not have everyone winch with revulsion. So his ego and self-esteem grew, and along with it so did his "honor." So not only does he have little to back him up mentally he is also now overconfident. His new chivalry, may not make him popular with the more analytical Catra (who still sees him as a buffoon under his nice coat with twisted morals), but he sure has Lt. Scorpia's interest. He is now more outgoing and so actually has formed a 'click' in the Horde. He spends most of his time with his new friends Modulok, Scorpia, and some times Mantanne. His abilities include: brawl, firearms, simple computer knowledge, honor, athletics, some charisma, strength, and normal intelligence. 


Were to begin? She is more humanoid now. With real hands instead of pinchers. She is part of a tightly knited group with the new Lt. Gizzlor and Chief Mechanics Officer Modulok. In fact it was through this alliance with the guys that her appearance changed. Along with her new hands, Modulok has used bionics to soup up her tail to make it more useful to her. He also sent her back to her stronghold in the desert region with a few new toys for her Scorpions (her followers) to play with. She is still the firecracker we remember her as before, but the only problem is she now has the weapons and the army to make her a bit of a threat to Etheria. She is never really found alone now, she is either with her friends or at her stronghold surrounded by her demented followers. Living off the rush of battle she is a hunter and always on the hunt. (Almost like a daredevil.) Perhaps that is what makes her so appealing to her techno-freak-followers. In fact the only other person her supporters idolize is Modulok, the one who supplies  them with their little playthings. Her abilities include: firearms, leadership, brawl, streetwise, stamina, and survival. Her tail now not only contains the capability to shoot darts of poison but also a laser gun and grappling facility. It should be noted that alone she is not hard to defeat, but it is with her army of scorpions that make her tough to defeat.


My favorite Horde's men! How best to explain him? Hum... like the equivalent of Castaspella only evil. Yes I think that suits him nicely. He, unlike most characters does not trust in magic. He is a firm believer in the sciences. He knows that magic exists, heck with Shadow Weaver always breathing down his neck how could one not. But he just sees it as perhaps a science that has not been truly explained, not some mystical art. He is what keeps the Horde going. He is the Chief Mechanics Officer and has his hand in almost every electronical do-dad that leaves the Fright Zone. With such a huge responsibility one can see why he is does not normally leave his 'workshop.' As mentioned earlier he has ganged up with Scorpia and Gizzlor. Although not personally on any of the raids, he is still always a good friend to have. Now whether Gizzlor and Scorpia manipulate him towards they're benefit, or he just makes them think so is not established. Nonetheless, it's hard to feel superior unless 'underlings' are always trying to please you. If he is ever found personally on any of the raids, he will always be accompany with some impressive robotic suit, device, or machine. He actually gives little regard to the Horde's ideology, he only see them as a platform in which he can demonstrate his magnitude and be looked on as a phenomenon. His abilities include: mastery with electronics, computers, and machines; superior wits, metal crafts, and intelligence, high in security, and high self-control. 

Horde Troopers

Little needs be said for these guys, or should I say droids. All robotic, it is the on going work of Modulok to keep them up and going. And I should mentioned that is is also on going work of the rebellion to trash them. However with the new introduction of Shadow Weaver, one could notice the drastic change in the Trooper's competent level. We've seen the classic Trooper in countless episodes of the show, but there are others too. For instances, Modulok has working droids to help him on the assembly line. He believes that although there are others who are proficient with robotic tooling, none can match his standards, so he created some Worker-droids to help him. Another one to mention is the B-droid. It is his latest work in the line of Trooper models. The original Trooper stood six-feet-tall, while the B-droid stands a total nine-feet-tall. Unlike the original who had to carry laser guns, the newer "B" has them built in, to avoid those nasty rebels from knocking them out of their hands. Along with that, hydraulics aid the new droid for less impact and add to their strength.  All the battle droids now come standard with simple force-fields to make them more resilient and computer chips installed in their helmets to give instantaneous feedback from the field to the base. There are other features to the Troopers and other droids to explain, but perhaps I will leave that to the comic to clarify.

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